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Telltale signs of a truly professional chimney sweep

Chimney sweeping may have a rich folklore heritage but its importance lies predominantly in what the trade is all about: saving lives

Warning after spike in chimney fires

An increase in chimney fires in January concerns firefighters

How often does your chimney need sweeping?

IT’S FAR too easy to forget that your chimney needs regular sweeping by a professional.

Be aware of the limitations in house buying surveys when it comes to chimneys

Make sure your chimney is in good form before you buy, arguably via your own professional survey. Any solid fuel appliance also needs a review.

Prevention is better than carbon monoxide detectors

... there’s a danger that comes with CO detectors, which is simply relying on them too much

Front Door

How to prepare for your chimney sweep’s arrival

CONSUMERS can worry about how to prepare for a chimney sweep ringing the doorbell and setting to work clearing all the muck out of the chimney.

Warning – burn your Christmas tree safely!

Now that the festive season is over you may be thinking of burning your Christmas tree or parts of it in your woodburning stove or open fire? Keep safe - please see the advice here.

Put sweeping appointments in your diary for 2019

YOU are likely to have all sorts of plans for 2019 - changes to the home, holidays, commitments to relatives, etc. It’s a strange time of year when we think positively but are also aware of our responsibilities.

Chimneys & folklore at Christmas

Christmas is a time where myths come into play - it’s all part of the fun - and the chimney retains a central role in setting the stage for festive celebrations.

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