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14 wheelbarrows of nest removed from chimney – a warning for new homeowners!

Guild member removed a whopping 14 wheelbarrows of Jackdaw nest.

Cost / quality? Choosing your chimney sweep

Is cost your deciding factor? If so, it makes sense to pay more for a professional chimney sweep - now!

The tale of a chimney sweeper war hero

This is just a snapshot about the life of a professional chimney sweep, George William Wragg, who died in the First World War

Chimney with birds

Dead Bird Scam

Last summer we reported on a “Dead Bird Scam” being run around West London and Home Counties.

Nests in your chimney can be a BIG problem

Jackdaws love nesting in chimneys and that can be a problem.

HUBBLY bubbly pipes

Beware of ‘hubbly bubbly’ pipes!

Hookah or Shisha pipes can carry a real risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning if they’re used in unventilated, closed-off rooms

Your chimney sweep is not just a ‘chimney sweep’

Cleaning the inside of a chimney flue and removing creosote is a major part of your Guild sweep’s work. Yet it would be entirely inaccurate to say that is all it entails.

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