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Nests in your chimney can be a BIG problem.

Jackdaws love nesting in chimneys and that can be a problem.

HUBBLY bubbly pipes

Beware of ‘hubbly bubbly’ pipes!

Hookah or Shisha pipes can carry a real risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning if they’re used in unventilated, closed-off rooms

Your chimney sweep is not just a ‘chimney sweep’

Cleaning the inside of a chimney flue and removing creosote is a major part of your Guild sweep’s work. Yet it would be entirely inaccurate to say that is all it entails.

Why the Guild trade exhibition matters

YOU probably aren’t aware of a big event happening in the chimney trade this week - the annual trade exhibition by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

Telltale signs of a truly professional chimney sweep

Chimney sweeping may have a rich folklore heritage but its importance lies predominantly in what the trade is all about: saving lives

Take precautions when storing wood pellets

WOOD pellets seem harmless enough but if they are not stored correctly - they could kill you.

Warning after spike in chimney fires

An increase in chimney fires in January concerns firefighters.

How often does your chimney need sweeping?

IT’S FAR too easy to forget that your chimney needs regular sweeping by a professional.

Be aware of the limitations in house buying surveys when it comes to chimneys

Make sure your chimney is in good form before you buy, arguably via your own professional survey. Any solid fuel appliance also needs a review.

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